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Entry #4

Mini Game Collab!

2009-04-05 14:57:40 by EvanHayes

Play it here

it took about 6 months to be submitted mostly because i was to lazy to code but luckily Mr.Randomist, the collab organizer found somebody else because i just did not have the time. My game is the third one, angry faice toss. it says by sk8more, but that's my old user name so hopefully it will be fixed but no big deal.



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2009-04-12 07:15:32

The mini game collab was fun, a few games had a few glitches, but overall, quite good :D


2009-07-07 09:49:03

neato burrito. yo, if you unblock me i'll do the art for your game. it's summer and i've been sitting around with nothing better to do.