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2009-02-27 19:45:37 by EvanHayes

im sorry about the long delay, the project is on hold and will be for about another few weeks, hope you all understand. i need my artist to DO SOME FUCKING WORK! then i can start back up.


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2009-03-05 07:32:11

Did you already send it to me, because I didnt get it. Do you need my email or something?


2009-03-05 07:40:14

I havent recieved the beta yet


2009-03-05 15:09:24

ohh, ok, just wanted to make sure I had missed something


2009-03-18 02:30:45

You haven't Submitted anything to Newgrounds since 2007 >=( thats like illegal!!!


2009-03-30 22:51:13

Are you talking about me, you haven't told me to do any BG art since. . . about 2month ago?

EvanHayes responds:

no not you i have 2 others :)