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2009-02-12 15:50:11 by EvanHayes

ANYBODY who wants to beta LEAVE A COMMENT! so i can keep better track of the testers. anybody who doesnt post information relating to the game, the comments will be deleted :] thanks

edit: 2/22/09....
i redid alot of the art,made in photoshop then imported to flash, i think it looks great. the game is coming out nicely i added 3 more weapons and completely finished the first location. im adding some more features at the moment such as assigning guns to specified keys.
i only have one beta tester so far,so i need 4 more so i can send to groups of 5
: if that makes ANY sense.

there is STILL no name,and i have no ideas. but ill post a screenie in a bit when i get some time, cuz im to lazy. im also looking for sponsors. hopefully armor games or cmg will hook me up good. so if you have any ideas for a title,weapons,levels,features. please post a comment and ill get back to you. anybody who gives input will be out in opening and end credits with a link to a site OR your ng profile. so please! comment this so i can get some views of the game. ill make a new edit in 2 days +-.

Me and tripping metal are currently working on a game together, it has no name yet even though its been in development for about 3 months.

Its a side scrolling shooter, there isnt much of a story yet either. so far there are 15 weapons, and these can be purchased at anytime during the game.
Here are a few:

9mm (pistol)
mp5 (smg)
AK 47 (assault rifle)
M-16 (assault rifle)
M4-Carbine (assault rifle)
mm1 (grenade launcher)

i only have 15 finished,those are only afew, i cant give away too much. I am aiming for around 25.
I am aiming for 6 different locations around the world, each with 5 levels and a boss at the end. There are achievements that can be unlocked throughout gameplay, such as beating any location with 1 weapon, etc.....

The art is not finalized,but i did all the level design,level art,menus, the shop and all the weapons.
JKAmovies is doing bg art and special effects, TrippingMetal is doing charachter art,Smelin is doing the custom sound Track.

I need roughly 20 beta testers within the upcoming month and also i need a title.
if you would like to volunteer to beta test,leave a comment. tell me what you think or if you have any game title ideas.

AKA sk8more


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2009-02-13 21:56:45

I think the games going great so far ;P

I don't really have a good title name, but I'll think of something :P


2009-02-21 18:58:18

I'll sign up for beta testing.

EvanHayes responds:

1 down :]


2009-02-22 03:18:07

i will do beta

EvanHayes responds:

ok awesome! i need 3 more and ill send it out :]


2009-02-23 16:01:51

ok so far
and mr.Randomist are doing beta.
i need one more then ill send out the copys.


2009-02-24 21:37:05

can I beta or is it to late?

EvanHayes responds:

nope not at all:]
ill be sending out the first beta to
and cainine-k9
hopefully in the next few days :]