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Name Change

2009-02-06 18:35:31 by EvanHayes

Ive officially changed my name,thanks to tom. you can still address me by sk8more, but i wanted a more professional name and a name that would be taken more seriously. whats more professional than my real name :)

so please before responding with "Who Teh Fuck ArE You",i am sk8more and hopefully everybody will get used to that,if not then oh well,call me sk8more.

oh and i almost forgot:
(only people over the age of 12 will understand)

Name Change


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2009-02-06 20:21:02

Who Teh Fuck ArE You???

(Updated ) EvanHayes responds:

i diddnt mean responding to the newspost, but good attempt :]


2009-02-07 04:02:10

OMG, I thought your account got deleted :S

I couldn't find Sk8more anywhere, I had no idea that you changed names. I was just wanting to ask something about the game ;P

EvanHayes responds:

ive been getting that alot :/


2009-02-07 23:26:54

Guess who has the old sk8more account?
teehehehehehehee. :]

EvanHayes responds:

k-guare,you should know not to mess with me by now..... :]


2009-02-10 01:05:22

Chicken.. Egg.. Uhh.. Hnn.... OH! I see what you did there.

EvanHayes responds:

the egg came first :]
inside of the chicken if you didn't catch that :P


2009-02-10 21:18:33

Who Teh Fuck ArE You? lol jk

EvanHayes responds:

who the fuck are you? >:U